About Our Company

Capitalizing your investments

We offer effective personalized services, which include but are not limited to


  • Leasing and renting your property.
  • Having your funds readily available to you on or before the tenth of each month.
  • Facilitate all maintenance and vendor appointments.
  • 24 Hour emergency services.
  • Detailed Monthly and year end reports to make your taxes a breeze.
  • Handle all marketing and advertising of your property.
  • Scheduling showings outside of normal business hours to ensure you do not miss out on an interested tenant.

Blakely Property Management

We are a family owned company that still feels strongly about having morals and not keeping any secrets from our clients.


At Blakely Property Management we have taken a different, more sensible approach when it comes to serving our clients.

We treat you like family, we look out for your best interests, and we take care of your investments like they were our own.

We are offering the best property management services with competitive pricing and personalized service. "You owe it to yourself to sit down with us and see what we can bring to your table."


Our office is located in Nampa, ID at 136 N. Broadmore Way Ste. 102. We are open Monday-Thursday 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Call or email us today for your free consultation! 

(208) 426-0403  




"Top notch customer care with the personalized service that is customized to better fit your needs"

What are our clients saying about us?


Client Ed Datin: Very satisfied with Blakley PM. Everything was handled professionally and timely. Quickly responds to clients needs. ​

Tenant Brenda Bar​rera: Tara and Britney have been great from the beginning...When we had an issue it was handle in timely manner...we would definitely recommend to friends and family...Thanks Blakely Team.

Vendor- Pamela French

Great company to work for. Very professional and courteous and they have helped me grow y business with recommendations on my work, even to other property management companies. They really do treat everyone like family.


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